Scope of Services


This scope of service has been specifically tailored for Clients with projects that are in delay due to viability issues.

Based on our extensive experience of converting projects in the residential marketplace for Tier 1 Main Contractors, we will carry out a comprehensive audit of the project, which culminates in a recommendation report with mitigating solutions to unlock your project.

A summary of the proposed scope of works is as follows,

· The completion of a detailed cost plan, based on market tested output costs from residential projects, which reflects the current design proposals.

· A critique of the existing design by one of our Partnering Architects and Engineer to highlight inefficiencies that will reduce cost and maximise value.

· Producing a considered value engineering schedule with expected target cost savings.

· Development Risk Register-Comprehensive review with mitigating solutions and budget allowances.

· Independent audit of the Main Contractors whole life programme by our experienced Residential planners.


· Comprehensive audit of the Main Contractors proposals and estimate.

· Setting a target build cost with the Client and a schedule of actions/route to contract with the incumbent Main Contractor.